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Welcome  to Wayne County Fire Department, Chief: Rufus Landrum, Asst. Chief: Terry Hutto, Fire Coordinator: Doug Hutto




Wayne County Fire Department

Sorry about the site being down for the past few weeks. Got hit by lighting strike and took the server out. Hope to update the site and get the email server back up soon. Thanks

Welcome from Chief Rufus Landrum, Asst. Chief Terry Hutto,  Fire Coordinator, Doug Hutto and all the members of Wayne County Fire Department. We hope that this site will be of interest and use to our members and to the public which we serve. If you have any questions or comment's about this site or our Department let us here from you good or bad we want your opinion's.

   Wayne County is in southeast Mississippi. We are bordered on the north end by Clark and Jasper counties, on the west by Jones and Perry counties and to the south by Greene counties in Mississippi and to the east by Washington and Choctaw counties in Alabama.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau info, the county has a total area of  810 square miles of land area and 3 square miles of water area. As of the census of 2000, there were 21,216 people, 7,857 households, and 5,853 families in the county. There were 9,049 housing unites at an average density of 11 per square mile. 

   We currently have 17 active stations. There are two city fire departments (Waynesboro and Stateline) in the county, for a total of 19 stations. From the facts above if all were divided equal that amounts to about 43 square miles and 473 houses per station, so we have our work cut out for us.

   Our leadership consists of a Chief and Asst. Chief  (elected by our members), a fire Coordinator (recommend by our members and appointed by our county supervisors) a District Chief for each of our four fire districts elected by the district members and Captains and Asst. Captains of each station which are elected by their members, and full support of our County Board of Supervisors. We are an all volunteer department made up of the men and women of the communities we serve. We have come a long way since this department was formed in 1967. We started out with one used truck that came from the city fire department in Waynesboro and was housed in the Texaco station at Buckatunna. We now have seventeen stations. 

    We have four areas Northwest Wayne Fire District, Northeast Wayne Fire District and Southeast Wayne Fire District and Southwest Wayne Fire District that has received a ISO class 8 rating. This puts most of the residents of our county in an ISO grading district that will save them on homeowner insurance. Most of our members have a new  full set of turnout gear.  When we started out we had some very old single tone radios that came from New York and shared the channel with the Sheriff Department, now we have a very good radio system, and just about every member has a pager or radio. Our only source of funding for years has been a 1/4 mill county tax and insurance rebate money from the state that varies from year to year, so we have made great progress without costing our citizens very little. Thanks to our leaders of the past, C. L. Westover, Gary Synder, Perry Synder, Joey Young, David Holbrook, Gefforey Clark , our past Supervisors and present Supervisors, our present leaders, Rufus Landrum (Chief), Terry Hutto (Asst. Chief), Doug Hutto (Fire Coordinator) and our present Board of Supervisors the future looks bright.